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Silver City
The Silver City Neighborhood is located on the north side of the
Layton Boulevard West neighborhood and includes a burgeoning
commercial district.  Here, families can shop and dine in one of
many ethnic restaurants and shops located on National Avenue.  
At the beginning of the early 1900s National Avenue was frequently
visited by workers from the Valley.  At the end of each week workers
were paid their wages with a silver dollar.  Late on a Friday these
workers came to spend their wages in businesses that lined the

Today, Silver City residents and business owners have reconnected
with this historic past and its proximity to the Menomonee Valley.
In the early 1900’s Valley workers utilized a tunnel located off of Pierce Street to walk to their jobs on a
daily basis.  Soon, this tunnel will be renovated and reopened to provide access to abundant employment
and recreational activities in the valley.  Soon homeowners in the Silver City neighborhood will be able to
walk to Miller Park, or take their families on a bike ride to the Hank Aaron trail.

Neighbors play an active role in making this a vibrant neighborhood.  Local neighbors created Shea Park,
a community garden located on the eastern side of the Main Street.  After securing an agreement with the
City of Milwaukee, community home owners and businesses transformed a blighted parcel of land and
created raised flowerbeds and a lovely pergola that graces the center of the garden.  Donations of
perennials and annuals now make this space bloom.  Our own neighborhood youth created the mosaic
stepping stones that are now found in the pathways of the garden. The stepping stones feature the words
“Welcome Community” in eight separate languages. Since Shea Park is a community park, neighbors
wanted it to welcome all the diverse people who live in and visit our neighborhood.  Desiring to also
incorporate family values, the backbone of a strong community, neighbors felt that the children’s design in
a variety of languages was the perfect fit for our community.
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